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Comfortable with Money Financial Fitness Programme

After the successful completion of our first course for 2024, we are taking registrations of interest for future courses. Please use the form to the right and we will contact you.

These FREE online workshops are designed specifically for people living with disability and their families, tāngata whaikaha Māori and tagata sa’ilimalo. We understand the challenges you face – particularly around money in this cost-of-living crisis – and we can help.

Our Comfortable with Money online programme runs over four weeknights where we share tools and strategies for getting the best possible lifestyle from your income. Plus we talk about disability funding eligibility to make sure your family is accessing the best level of supports available.

Comfortable with Money is delivered online so you can join us from anywhere in Aotearoa. Our friendly facilitators will teach you the best up-to-date financial management tools and how to apply them BUT you always stay in control of your own decision making for your family.

To thank you for your participation we have supermarket vouchers to give away for every workshop you complete. The only requirements are a device so you can join us online, and that you have a family member with a disability (might be neurodiversity, physical or intellectual disability, mental distress, or a long term health condition) as we are gratefully funded by Whaikaha (the Ministry of Disabled People).

Book your space now by completing the registration to the right or email us at

If you’re not sure if you need our programme we can share that all participants have learned new ways of thinking about money, and because we are focusing on families with disability you will meet like-minded people who are going through the same tough issues.


About the Course

The four-week programme consists of weekly workshops ONLINE of one and a half hours followed by ONLINE individual coaching sessions to give you tailored advice and help.

Join our programme and we'll help you get the best lifestyle you can on your income. The only requirement is a device so you can join us on Zoom, and that you have a family member with a disability as we are gratefully funded by Whaikaha (the Ministry of Disabled People). 

The programme will cover:   

  • Needs vs wants 
  • Budgeting 
  • Creating a money system 
  • Managing debt 
  • Emergency savings 
  • KiwiSaver 
  • Insurance 
  • Wills and Power of Attorney 
  • Financial assistance through disability entitlements
  • Individualised Funding
  • NASC Services

What our Past Participants have said:

"I really have come away from this course with a new 'SPRING' (like bounce!) lol to get my G into gear to sort through everything we discussed, like the EPOA's, checking our wills, life insurance. I love my new spend diaries and so much more, my brain is bursting with that info, all thanks to you”

“Not everybody lives in Auckland…. So offering online very appreciated by me”

“Taught me a lot. How to put money into my savings for things I have to pay. Showed me how much I spend a week. How to put money away for the future.”

"My Kiwisaver, I’m adding more into it… an extra $25 a week, instead of spending it on rubbish I’ll spend it on that. And my daughter signed up on Kiwisaver, and I’m getting my son signed up as well, even though he doesn’t have a job. I’ve got them paying $20 into theirs and I found out about IF funding, and so we’ve got that going."

“I’ve set up my rent payment to WINZ direct. It’s a weight off my shoulders and I don’t have to see it go out of my account. It’s hard when you see a lot go out.”

“I’m so happy to get the vouchers after the programme. Used for vegetables and fruit”

“I knew that I had a problem with spending, like $300 a week on Afterpay. Things that I don’t need. I’m over it so thank you. You gave me the boost to do it”

“I met another person with my disability, with MS”

Why Should You Attend?  

  1. It is FREE and previous participants have said it’s ‘life changing’ because it’s shown them how to take charge.
  2. The programme is created to address the unique challenges and needs of those living with disability and their families. It provides practical guidance which directly addresses financial concerns and requirements around disability.
  3. It provides practical tools to unlock successful budgeting, debt management, savings strategies and much more; giving you the confidence to take charge of your financial well-being.
  4. We give you the knowledge and resources to discover what financial disability supports are available and we empower you to ask for them.
  5. Our experienced facilitators are passionate about your success.  They provide personalised assistance and guidance and answer all your questions.
  6. You will join a supportive online community which meets regularly, sharing experiences and encouragement with each other.

Don’t let financial challenges hold you back – help make your money work harder for you.  Sign up for Comfortable with Money today using the registration to the right or email us at You're welcome to join us.


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The Comfortable with Money programme is bought to you by Independent Living Charitable Trust in association with More than Money and we are gratefully funded by Whaikaha - the Ministry for Disabled People.

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