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Equipment Cleaning

 Transit wheelchair being pushed into a Hubscrub machine for cleaning

Wheelchairs, walkers and bathroom equipment can harbour nasty pathogens as well as just get plain dirty from lots of use.

Regular cleaning is important to reduce the risk of bacteria and viruses, and to ensure your equipment lasts a long time.

Independent Living Cleaning Service uses the class leading HUBSCRUB automated cleaning and disinfection technology. With its powerful spray arms that reach every nook and cranny, and the same UV light sterilisation system hospitals use, you can be assured of a superior clean and disinfection.

HUBSCRUB can clean manual wheelchairs, walkers, rollators, commodes, and all other bathroom products.

At $20 for the first item and $15 per subsequent item in the same transaction, you can have peace of mind that your equipment is not only sparkling clean and deodorised, but also free of nasty pathogens and viruses.

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