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Modifications to your Vehicle

Your disability or medical condition may mean that you need to have your vehicle modified so you can either drive in safety and comfort or to travel safely as a passenger.

There are several government programs that can provide financial assistance to people who may need to modify their vehicle. 

If your disability is injury-related ACC may provide funding if you need a modified vehicle.

Whaikaha – Ministry of Disabled People may fund a vehicle or vehicle modifications if you who have a long-term disability that isn’t covered by ACC.

Click here for further information on funding for vehicle modifications.

What is involved in modifying a vehicle?

To find out what is involved in modifying a vehicle, click here

For more information on Transport related issues click here

Mobility Parking Spaces & Permits

Mobility Parking Spaces & Permits

If you have a mobility impairment you can apply for a mobility parking permit for your car which entitles you to park in mobility parking spaces.

You need to apply for a mobility parking permit which are managed and issued by both CCS Disability Action and Sommerville Disability Support Services.

Click here for further information on mobility parking space and permits 

Alternative Disability Friendly Transport & Travel Options

Alternative Disability Friendly Transport & Travel Options

When you need to get around to medical or community appointments, there are a range of options provided by a number of different services.

  1. You might be able to use free or low-cost community transport services to get to medical or other community appointments.
  2. If you have an impairment that makes it hard for you to use public transport, you might be able to get discounted taxi fares.
  3. There are different types of mobility taxis and driving services you can access. 
  4. Accessible Public Transport is also made available through the governments Total Mobility Scheme. The Total Mobility Scheme is for people who cannot use public transport to travel, all or some of the time. Those who are eligible get a subsidised rate on contracted taxis for door to door transport, and an accessible concession loaded on a Total Mobility AT HOP card used to pay for discounted travel on public transport. For more information visit Total Mobility Scheme on Auckland Transport’s website. For more information visit Total Mobility Scheme on Auckland Transport’s website.

Or click here to find out about accessible public transport.

Flying with a Disability

Air New Zealand and Jetstar Airways provide specific services for disabled passengers:   

  • Wheelchair users
  • Blind or vision-impaired people
  • Deaf or hearing-impaired people
  • People travelling with a service dog
  • People with reduced mobility due to age, illness or accident.

When booking flights it is important to tell the airline―or your travel agent―about your disability or what help you need.  Services can vary, depending on the airline, airport, and plane. It’s best to contact the airline, or your travel agent, for details.

Click here for more tips on Flying with a Disability

Specialist Travel Agencies

Specialist Travel Agencies

There are Accessible travel agents and agencies that specialise in tours and holidays for people of all ages with mobility, sensory, or learning impairments, or a health condition.  

They can arrange accessible accommodation, transport with a driver/guide, mobility aids, personal support such as sighted guides or sign language interpreters and also organise accessible activities, and adaptive sports or adventure equipment.

Click here for more information and to help find an Accessible Travel Agency.

Mobility rental car companies

Mobility rental car companies

Although we don’t have a list of rental car companies that specialise in accessible or modified cars or vans for hire, they do exist.  For example, you may be able to hire:

  • Hand control vehicles
  • Left foot accelerator vehicles
  • Electric seat lift vehicles
  • Wheelchair accessible vehicles.

We suggest a website search for Mobility Rental Car Companies is a good place to start or talk to your specialist travel agent.

Travel Costs related to Health & Disability

Whaikaha – Ministry of Disabled People, Work and Income, ACC, and Veteran’s Affairs can help some people with travel and accommodation expenses to attend medical, specialist or rehabilitation treatments.

For more information on financial support available click here.

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