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Access and Advisory Service

Independent Living and Barrier Free Audit

Our specialist access and advisory team are Barrier Free trained advisers. They can assist you with assessing the built environment from a universal design and compliance point of view. They will provide you with a full audit and report.

In addition, you can utilise our team to make recommendations and offer specialist advice to architects designing fully accessible spaces.


Independent Living and the Be. Institute

Independent Living partnered with the Be. Institute back in 2011 to develop a checklist and development programme known as Be. Welcome and the Be. Confident workshops to engage with New Zealand businesses and organisations in understanding the accessible journey.


What do we do?

Independent Living staff members contract to Be. Accessible as Be. Master Coaches. Our Be. Master Coaches are skilled in assessing plans, carrying out on-site and bespoke assessments in a range of visitor or customer environments. We work expertly with organisations’ management team and staff to understand and implement improved accessibility to enhance customer experience.

Our Be. Master Coaches train and review the work of Be. Coaches across New Zealand to ensure consistency and accountability across all businesses.


How do I find out about accessible businesses?

Information about a business’ accessibility is made available on the Be. Accessible website.

Assessments may be carried out in small, medium and large-scale businesses, Councils, tourism sites, education institutions and accommodation sites throughout New Zealand.


How can I be involved?

To chat with one of our Be. Master Coaches about engaging in a Be. Welcome programme or Be. Confident workshop, phone 0800 625 100 and speak with Tony.

Independent Living continues to work closely with the Be. Institute, celebrating the achievements of New Zealand businesses as they journey towards a 100% accessible society for all.

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