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Top Tips for Maintaining Mobility as You Age

A key driver of happiness as we age is the ability to retain our freedom to do the things we love. Independent Living Charitable Trust are the experts on helping you retain your mobility for everyday tasks through daily living habits and Assisted Living Products. Here are our Top Tips for staying mobile:


1. Keep those muscles warm! 

Limber up the muscles with a light stretch for 10 minutes each morning and afternoon. Whether you use a stationary object such as a wall to stretch against, or fitness equipment such as an air cycle to encourage circulation, warm and mobile muscles and joints make doing the things you enjoy that bit easier. To prevent muscle degradation, stationary cycles are a great device to help tone leg and arm muscles – and can be done seated in front of TV!


2. Walk every day 

Not only is “taking a stroll” good for physical and mental wellbeing, it also helps balance and co-ordination, ensuring you can continue to socialise and do daily tasks such as shopping.

If you are worried about your balance, consider a walker. With such a great variety of modern designs these days, walkers are the new fashion accessory, and many come with shopping baskets, phone holders and seats! 

Can’t walk far? Try a mobility scooter – they are not as expensive as you’d think, and Grandchildren love them.


3. Balance your way to better health 

Balance exercises help prevent falls and are very easy!  Tai Chi improves leg strength and balance through slow, deliberate moves, whilst Yoga is great for core strength and balance.


4. Devices to make life tasks easy 

Arthritis, operations and medical conditions shouldn’t limit your ability to do normal daily tasks. There are some great devices to help you cook, clean and remain independent in your own home. From jar keys to help pull annoying rip tabs, to tap turners to loosen taps, Independent Living has daily living aids for everything. Turn the struggle of pulling a zip or sock, or even reaching behind you an issue of the past! 

Handrails, ramps and even stairlifts are easy to install and ensure you continue to enjoy your whole home.


5. Sit and sleep well 

Over your lifetime, your body has been put under a lot of strain. Bad posture, housework and lifting heavy items can result in poor sleep and discomfort. 

Modern electric chairs and beds encourage improved sleep, ease in getting in and out, and even improved core stomach activation and digestion. Even smaller investments such as seat wedges and better pillows can improve mobility.


There are so many ways to enhance your quality of life, and as the experts on making daily living easier for people with impairments, as well as their families, whānau, and support networks, Independent Living is here to help with you along the way. 


To learn more about the amazing assisted living products that can help you with your everyday tasks click here. Or call us 0800 625 100 to speak to someone who can help.

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