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Mobility Products for away from home

Mobility Products for away from home

Feel at ease when travelling or staying with others
Summer is here and the opportunity to travel, explore and catch up with family and friends is beckoning. But for many, it is also coupled with the complexities of ensuring where they stay or visit is accessible and safe.

  • Will you be able to safely use bathroom facilities?
  • Will your mobility equipment handle the terrain?
  • Will dining with others be comfortable and stress free?

Independent Living understands these issues – after all they have been assisting those with disabilities and age-related mobility issues since 1981.

Here’s their top picks for making excursions away from home stress-free.

Have the right mobility device.

Banish the struggle of getting your wheelchair or scooter into a vehicle, airplane or tight space. Hire a portable model! Independent Living has a huge range of hire wheelchairs, scooters and walkers – many of which fold up easily to a compact size. And they can be hired by the week, for as little as $15.

Newmarket walker / wheelchair combo

If you love getting out and about, consider investing in a Newmarket walker /wheelchair combo with its stylish and lightweight frame that is easily folded and transportable.  This sturdy and versatile walker, when combined with arm and leg rest accessories, turns into a wheelchair.  At only $745, this is a very popular option.

Travel light:

There’s no need to lug loads of pill bottles around – invest in easy to open Pill dispensers, and only carry the exact number of medicines you need. And by counting them out in advance of travelling, you know you won’t be forgetting any!

When you're travelling around, it's not always easy to wash your hair or take a shower whenever you want but with the Carell Shampoo caps and Advance personal hygiene wipes it's easy to feel fresh at any time.

Consider a folding walking stick - very light and folds small so it’s easy to carry around when not required, but assembles in a flash if needed.


Feel safe in the bathroom

Other people’s bathrooms can be a minefield. Slippery floors, lack of support surfaces and facilities simply not designed for easy access.  

Nonslip floor mats and suction grab rails can assist in making a wet space safer – and they are small enough to hide in your suitcase.

Folding Shower Chair

Folding shower chairs and toilet seat raisers are light and affordable. And if weak hands are a concern, add a tap turner in your bag – perfect for sticky older taps and those annoying plastic handled designs!

Independent Living also hire portable commodes, shower chairs and toilet frames.

Eat and rest in comfort
Don’t be put off eating in front of others.

Seat raisers and cushions are discrete and light – and will ease concerns getting in and out, or ensuring you are at the right table height.

Lightweight Scoop plates and sipper cups come in all shapes, sizes and prices – ensuring no embarrassing spills.

Independent Living also stock a comprehensive range of personal hygiene and toileting products, and their assistive technology experts are there to help ensure you have the right products for any occasion.

Visit them at one of their three Auckland stores (Botany, Browns Bay and Royal Oak), visit the website or call for free advice to help you have everything you need for a relaxing time away from home on 0800 625 100.

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