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NGO Council Reports Released

The NGO Council have commissioned three reports in response to the Health & Disability System Review. 

The Minister of Health released the Final Report of the Review on 16 June 2020. Central to the report’s recommendations is an acknowledgement that the current health service is of high quality by world standards, but is overly complex to navigate. As a result, we have inequitable outcomes. Specifically, the needs of Māori, Pacific, disabled people and rural communities, along with some other population groups, must be addressed as these groups currently experience significant health disparities.

The recommendations are wide-ranging and include legislative change as well as structural and culture change, some of which require government policy decisions and others which would be within the control of the system itself.

The Review acknowledged that NGOs are an integral part of the health and disability system, and the wellbeing of many New Zealanders. NGO services often provide a voice for consumers and whānau, including those who have been underserved by other parts of the system.

The Review recognises that improving the health and wellbeing of the population will not come from the efforts of any single organisation nor should it be driven primarily from within traditional health services. The Review notes that the health and disability system and its institutions need to partner across government and with other sectors to address inequity and improve outcomes, particularly for those for whom the current system is not working – including disabled peoples.

The NGO Council Reports can be downloaded here:


REPOSITIONING (PDF, 5.2 MB)HEALTH AND DISABILITY NGOS FOR THE FUTURE (PDF, 5.2 MB) - A perspective captured for the Maori NGO sector

HORIZON (PDF, 11 MB)THINKING (PDF, 11 MB) - Supporting Pacific community-based NGOs to prepare for health reform

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