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Independent Living staff qualify as Assistive Technology Mentors

Independent Living is proud to be the first New Zealand organisation to have multiple staff graduate the Assistive Technology Australia Mentors qualification.

Facilitated through the NZ Federation of Disability Information Services, the 20 month course is an intensive programme of both online classroom learning and workplace modules to understand how assistive technologies can help disabled people lead empowering and independent lives.

Here’s what two of our graduates had to say:

Tony reflects:
As a person with a progressive physical impairment, I have 55-years lived experience and 35-years working in the ‘disability equipment & information’ sector. So, I was at first surprised that there was the need for me to “qualify” to show that I was competent to advise others like myself.

However, this course demonstrated that my knowledge and personal experiences to date can be improved by better understanding what impairment needs other people experience, and the assistive technology options available to them, especially in the more complex technology & development areas that I only had a generic understanding of.

Through studying with others who have differing needs, I now better understand the issues and discriminations that they face every single moment that they are awake.

This course has shown me how assistive technology can help to unlock some of the daily disablements that hold people back and will instead enable them to be their best selves going forward.

Richard is our able bodied Community Relations Manager:
The course provided us with up to date knowledge of products and solutions we could offer to our clients. I learned that clearly defining what the client is looking to achieve and offering solutions to accomplish their personal goals is more rewarding than being able to sell them what you think they need.

If you would like to talk to one of our Assistive Technology mentors, or any of our experienced Disability Advisors, the service is free and available during office hours on 0800 625 100.
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