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Seal Tight Original Cast and Bandage Protector

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Type: Pediatric Medium Arm

The Seal-Tight Cast And Bandage Protector is a completely watertight cover that is worn over a cast or bandage to allow you to bathe or shower.


Sizing (for length, measure from the tip of the finger to the top of the cast and add 2.5 cm)

Length Max Circumference
Adult Foot/Ankle 31cm 53.3 cm
Adult Short Arm 58 cm 41 cm
Adult Short Leg 61 cm 53.3 cm
Adult Wide Short Leg 61 cm 71 cm
Adult Long Arm 101 cm 53.3 cm
Adult Long Leg 107 cm 71 cm
Pediatric Small Arm  30 cm 40 cm
Pediatric Medium Arm  48 cm 40 cm
Pediatric Medium Leg 43 cm 50 cm
Pediatric Large Arm 73 cm 50 cm
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