A person in a wheelchair providing information to another person

What is DIAS?

Disability Information Advisory Services (DIAS) provide independent information and advice to those with disabilities and the public.


What does the DIAS do?

DIAS provides information on accessing funded disability support services.


How can Independent Living help with your DIAS enquiries?

Independent Living has been providing the greater Auckland regions with information and advice for the past 37 years to all people wanting help to navigate the disability sector, looking for services, and/or equipment to assist them with living a normal life.

We have Information Specialists available at each of our stores. We also have a mobile service that provides free information and equipment demonstrations.


Who can use the DIAS?

DIAS is available to everyone, free of charge.


Where can I get more information?

You can contact one of information consultants by using our contact form or by emailing or calling us.

We also have our full Support Options Directory which outlines the available services within the Auckland Region.