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World Parkinson's Day

Parkinson's Disease can affect anyone. It is a progressive neurodegenerative condition that affects 1 in 500 people. And although it is considered an older persons disease, approximately 10% of those diagnosed with Parkinson’s are under the age of 60. 

For those diagnosed with Parkinson’s, it means a dramatic change in lifestyle, for both the person, as well as immediate family, friends and even employers.  

The severity of symptoms can vary from person to person but things like a slowing of walking, or being unable to grip items, hand tremors and difficulty co-ordinating movements are all too common. Day to day tasks that we all take for granted like writing or typing, pouring a glass of water or pulling on our socks become big hurdles.

For many people the emotional support; the understanding and empathy and sensitivity to what they have lost, is equally as important as the physical and medical support they require. Most have lost the ability to do the little things that bring them joy – playing a musical instrument, painting, crafting or gardening.

Every day our team help those living with impairments to live more comfortable and independent lives. The tremors, the stiffness and slowness of movement, the inability to stand, sit, open things or even eat unassisted can have a significant impact on day to day living. 

Many of the products we source and sell can go some way to making life a little easier, helping people live a little more independently. 

The little things that can make a big difference: 

BookseatBook seats – enables you to read hands free

Weighted Utensil SetWeighted Utensil Set - makes holding utensils easier

 Folding Walking StickWalking sticks – to help with balance and mobility

Transfer swivel seatTransfer swivel cushion – enables smooth and easy rotation in any direction

 Tap TurnerTap mate Tap turner – helps weak hands and fingers to operate most taps

Sock AidDressing Aids – products to help with socks, stockings, buttons, dressing and shoes


The bigger stuff that make life that little bit easier:

Lift reclinerLift recliners and accessories- to lift you up out of your chair

Newmarket WalkerWalkers - for mobility, stability and balance

Pride Pathrider 10 Deluxe Mobility ScooterMobility scooters and accessories - wide range of scooters to help you get around safely

IC333 Homecare bedLift beds – sitting or reclining at the touch of a button.

See our full range of mobility and assistive products here. Or for more information, ask the team about products and services to make living with an impairment a bit easier. We offer FREE advice on mobility access and assistive technology; our team are happy to help on 0800 625 100. 

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