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Simple devices to help you retain your independence
Age may bring wisdom but it can also bring frustrations doing the things we used to take for granted. Our joints don’t move the way they used to and daily tasks can become trickier. It often seems manufacturers create their products only for muscle men or very lithe women!

We understand the frustrations of declining flexibility and strength. That’s why we have a team dedicated to providing free lifestyle advice and why we stock an extensive range of well tested daily living aids.

Here are the most popular devices for making daily tasks just that bit simpler.

Keep Safe in the Shower
If balance or strength is a concern, shower chairs are light, don’t take up much room and make cleaning your feet a whole heap easier. Don’t forget the anti-slip shower mat and the foot cleaner for extra safety and ease. 

Grab rails are easy to install, providing the security of having something to grab should you get wobbly or need to bend over – plus they make a great rail to hang a face cloth on! 

Don’t want to drill into a wall? Consider a suction rail instead.

Banish Bathroom struggles
Turn your toilet into a throne with raised toilet seats – many of which look no different from standard toilet seats, but will ensure comfort and ease. 

And when joints or fingers lose their flexibility, there are simple devices to make daily tasks easier. Back cleaners, bottom wipers, pill bottle openers and tap turners are all cheap and simple to use.

Getting Dressed
There are lots of effective and cheap products to help with getting dressed these days. 

The Button, Hook and Zipper Genie makes fast work of fiddly fasteners whilst sock aids and long shoehorns make putting shoes on that much easier.

Make Bedtime relaxing
Is getting in and out of the bed a strain? One simple device is a Leg Lifter, allowing you to ease your leg into and out of bed. For real comfort and ease, consider investing in a fully reclining and lifting bed. It not only makes getting in and out easier, but will also improve comfort and sleep – and makes tidying the bed easier too! 

And should ‘nature call’ once you are settled in bed, consider a bedpan. Modern designs are safe, easy to use and very discrete.

Sit back and relax!
Banish the frustration and embarrassment of getting in and out of chairs.
Chair raisers are simple devices fitted to the legs of a chair to raise the seating position. Or consider comfy memory foam cushions and wedges.

Lift chairs are the ultimate in comfort and mobility, with a telescopic raiser to help you literally step out of the chair. Plus with other recline and leg raising features, they help with circulation and hip and leg comfort.

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