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Health Seminars to our Chinese Communities

Our health seminars - both virtual and in person - are proving very popular. Xiu recently gave an online presentation to over 80 people on keeping healthy in these challenging times. Attendees included older Chinese Aucklanders, health professionals, families of elderly Chinese - and even an Auckland City Councilor.

In a mix of Mandarin and English, the seminar provided an opportunity not only for people to ask health and mobility related questions, but also to come together - albeit in a virtual environment.

Here's some feedback from attendees:

The community group organiser said:

84 participants joined this meeting - making this our Zoom meeting record! It’s great to see some attendees joining this meeting with other family members or flatmates together. We could see most of attendees concentrated in your presentation because it included a lot of useful knowledge with the nutrition facts - how to eat right food to improve our immune system. The attendees also showed their interesting in your advice about healthy lifestyle.

Thanks for your patience to answer the questions after the presentation. This interactive discussion let the attendees get more clear how to make the daily healthy food by themselves. Your professional advice will be beneficial for all the attendees.

Attendees said:

“Thanks for the professional’s advice at the seminar. I have learnt a lot of useful knowledge and information about how to make healthy eating and healthy lifestyle to prevent Omicron during current pandemic” 

“Thanks for the guest speakers who answered my questions”

If you would like to book a health or mobility group presentation - in person or online - call us on 0800625 100 or follow these links for more details:

English speaking presentations

Mandarin, Cantonese or Korean presentations
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