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From challenge to opportunity - focused on helping people into work

We loved this heartwarming story from MSD about Tamati who receives a health and disability benefit and although he has the desire to work, his experiences and struggles caused him to put up walls - making it a challenge to support him into finding employment.

Tilly Karan (Employment Coordinator for the Ministry of Social Development in Avondale) met Tamati in February 2022 and over time was able to establish a strong relationship that helped her understand why he behaved a certain way. After learning Tamati was interested in working at a supermarket, Tilly didn’t waste any time and contacted a local supermarket to arrange a job interview. The interview went well, and the employer offered Tamati a full-time job.

Tamati was very grateful and had this to share;
“My journey into a full-time job has been in the making for a very long time. Not being stable over the years and struggling with mental and physical health was a huge barrier… Then I met Tilly from MSD and she kept pushing and motivating me to do better.

I now have a full-time job and I love the fact that I have a job I wake up to and enjoy doing. Life is only going onwards and upwards from here. Thank you, MSD for the work you do involving health and disability.”

Tilly also shared her thoughts;
“I am so proud of Tamati and being able to support him with all the products and services we have to offer at MSD.”

Tamati recently text Tilly to let her know that he hasn’t missed a day at work.

Here at the Ministry of Social Development (MSD) we’re focused on getting people into work and there’s a range of support available. There’s support for candidates with a health condition or disability including a financial contribution to wages, workplace modifications and on-the-job support.

Check out what’s available:

Onwards and upwards, Tamati!

If you have any employment questions, send us an email at
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