Scarlet, a Chinese Interpreter

From: 黄鹂 
Sent: Monday, 7 March 2016 9:56 a.m.
To: Felix Lin 
Cc: Karen Beard-Greer 
Subject: a letter of gratitude and expressing appreciation
Dear Felix and All other Staff of Independent Living Service, 
I am Scarlet Huang, working as a registered court interpreter. This letter is to, on behalf of all Chinese people who  have gained help and are gaining help from Felix and the wechat platform he created, express our sincere gratitude to all hard working staff in Independent Living Service, especially for Felix! Felix’s contribution to Chinese community is greatly appreciated and the Wechat (Chinese social network, popularly accepted by Chinese community) platform Independent Living Service Center, Auckland, New Zealand he created and constantly maintained have became the main information resource center for all Chinese people living in Auckland. As a professional interpreter and translator, I provided interpreting service for Kiwiconcern, the certified provider of medical alarm, to help communicate with more Chinese elderly. It is through this platform we contacted Felix, who organized a seminar for medical alarms and relevant health speeches for Chinese elderly, bringing hope and help to many families. 
What’s more, this Wechat platform, Independent Living Service Center, Auckland, New Zealand, provides nearly all information and consultation needed for all walks of Chinese community, and keeps on organizing high-quality seminars for them. The topics vary wildly from new immigration education to relevant law for catching crabs, from Chinese traditional medical health Seminar in winter to listing of all New Zealand’s public service hotline in mandarin, from Youth Foundation Summer Water Sports Camping to Assistance to Families with Autism Children. This information platform has provided all we could think of and even more, etc. With extremely hard working, Felix serves all clients with patience and courtesy, enhances mutual communication within community and between community with social welfare institutes such as Work and Income. Therefore, Felix’s work is highly affirmed and praised within Chinese community! 

Hereby, in this letter I would like to re-express our appreciation to professional enthusiasm and high-quality service of Felix, and re-express our sincere appreciation to the all the contribution made by the wechat platform Independent Living Service Center, Auckland, New Zealand. 

Many Thanks!
                                                                                               黄鹂  Scarlet

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