Penny who was moved to tears

Below is an email we received from Penny who was very appreciative of the complimentary gift we sent.

Sent: 7 August, 2016 8:26 AM
To: Info <>
Subject: Moved to Tears

To Amazing People at iLS
Ten days ago after having major cancer surgery eight years ago and having remained extremely positive over those 8 years, I was diagnosed with lower throat/upper stomach cancer. As you may imagine this has put me into a "shock" like feeling demanding every part of my coping ability?
Such news often brings a feeling of isolation as you attempt to comprehend it? So it was almost impossible to describe therefore the absolute total state of emotion I experienced 48 hours ago when a courier delivered a parcel to me at my door. I did not recognize you as the sender but on opening it to find a complementary gift in recognition of a letter written to you in gratitude of your magazine, I was moved to tears and speechless that a company who exists to care in such practical ways for those in need of support, had thought of me!
To say you brought a true ray of sunshine to someone who was struggling with an unwelcome diagnosis, is a vast understatement. Your caring reputation lives on in abundance - thankyou so sincerely.
Warm regards and appreciation -
Wanganui 4500

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