Needs Assessment Services are the gateway to disability support services.

I have an impairment and need some help with daily tasks, who do I contact?
Needs Assessment Service Coordination (NASC) organisations help you get the support you need to live as independently as possible at home and in the community.  
NASC is the gateway to accessing Government-funded disability support services.  
NASCs are organisations contracted by the Ministry of Health to work with disabled people to:
  • identify their strengths and support needs
  • outline what disability support services are available
  • determine their eligibility for Ministry-funded support services.
NASCs allocate Ministry-funded disability support services and help you access other supports. These services are then delivered by their respective service providers. 

To contact a NASC service in the Auckland region visit our Directory.

What does a NASC service do?
A Needs Assessor will meet with a person with a disability (and their support people – i.e. family/whanau/aiga) and carry out a Needs Assessment. This assessment helps the assessor understand what needs the person may have and coordinate support that will help the person to be as independent as possible in their home and community. 

The assessor will ask for information about tasks the person can do and what they find difficult to do, things they would like to be able to do, and what support or resources they currently have. The Assessor will also ask about what the person likes to do recreationally, socially and any personal development needs they may have; their training and education aspirations, vocational and employment hopes and where appropriate, the needs of their family/whanau and unpaid support people.  

What happens in the needs assessment process?
  • Assessor will confirm eligibility
  • Assessor carries out a needs assessment 
  • Assessor coordinates support and manages disability support service resources.

What's the role and responsibility of NASC?
NASC services are contracted by the Ministry of Health to provide 3 functions:
  • Facilitate the needs assessment process
  • Coordinate services and supports
  • Giving information about what services are available
  • Planning and coordinating the supports in a support plan
  • Allocating some disability support service (DSS)-funded support services.
  • Manage the Ministry-funded disability support services in a fair and equitable way.

Support options must be flexible, responsive and needs based. 
Services may include help with:
  • personal support
  • meal preparation
  • household management
  • carer support
  • day programmes 
  • and the support provided by rest homes and private hospitals.
Who can get a Needs Assessment?
You are eligible for a Needs assessment if you have a physical, intellectual, sensory (or combination of these) or an age-related disability.  The disability must be likely to continue for a minimum of six months and limit your ability to function independently to the extent ongoing support is required.  
People with physical, intellectual or sensory disability that co-exists with a personal health condition, mental health condition and/or injury, in relation to their disability support needs.
(Ministry of Health definition of disability)

What happens next?
After a person has been assessed as meeting the Ministry of Health’s definition of disability and a needs assessment has been carried out, the needs assessor will coordinate necessary supports to aid the person to be independent and participate in their community.

Who can make enquiries?
  • People with disabilities
  • Public enquiries
  • Fieldworkers
  • Advocates
  • Disability organisations and support groups
  • GPs
  • Specialists
  • Healthcare professionals.

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