A brief overview of disability

A brief overview of disability

Almost one in four New Zealanders identify as having impairment (or 24%).
(NZ Census 2013).

Impairments may be physical, sensory, neurological, psychiatric, intellectual, a combination of these or others.  

We may be born with an impairment, acquire an impairment during our life or from injury caused by accident.  As our population ages we encounter mobility, balance, stamina, sight and hearing challenges.  

The New Zealand Disability Strategy (2001) 
Sets out principles for New Zealand society to become inclusive of people with impairments where each is valued for the person they are, and there is continual enhancement for their full participation in society to live a good life.  

Be. Accessible

Is a social change initiative providing a holistic framework for accessibility.  Their mission is to encourage New Zealanders to create a truly accessible country for us all.  

Funding of Disability Support Services
The Government purchases disability support services through Government Ministries (for example, Education, Health, Social Development), community organisations, District Health Boards and ACC providers.  

Eligibility for government-funded support is determined by a Needs Assessment process and services are allocated according to a person's need at home, learning and work environments.  

Disability Information Advisory Services funded by the Ministry of Health are free for everyone to access.   

Websites you may find helpful

The following websites provide more detailed information to help you find information, advice, advocacy and support:
  • Disability Information Centres 
    You'll find community organisations providing information about disability in main centres throughout the country.  Contact a Disability Information Service in your area.

  • SupportOptions.co.nz
    Support Options is an online guide to disability support services, funded by the Ministry of Health Disability Services in the Auckland and Northland regions.  This website is managed by the Independent Living Service in collaboration with Tiaho Trust in Northland.

  • WEKA 
    Weka - What Everyone Keeps Asking about disability issues is a nationwide, disability information website managed by Enable New Zealand and the NZ Federation of Disability Information Centres.

    You'll find the following Information on Weka:
  • About disability 
  • Information Centres nationwide
  • Information and assistance
  • Support Services
  • Equipment Suppliers
  • Events and Stories
  • DVD Library

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