ABI Rehabilitation is contracted by ACC and MOH to provide specialist post-acute intensive rehabilitation to people with an acquired brain injury, including concussion and stroke. Those attending are provided with residential (in-patient), community or out-patient services, which aim to support the person through their recovery and facilitate return to function and participation.

Phone: 09 831 0070

Auckland Conductive Education Foundation
Conductive education is for children and adults who have suffered stroke, MS, Parkinsons, head injury or any other neurological condition. Conductive Education is a process of learning where the learning is structured in a creative and innovative way to assist a person to overcome the problems caused by their disorder.
Phone:  (09) 836 6830
The Auckland Spinal Rehabilitation Unit provides an inpatient and outpatient spinal rehabilitation service for adults and adolescents with an acquired spinal cord injury.
Phone:  (09) 270 9000

Bupa Rehab (formerly Abano Rehabilitation) offers a broad range of rehabilitation services, specialising in traumatic brain injury, vocational rehabilitation and chronic pain.  Bupa provide both residential and community rehabilitation in homes, schools and workplaces. This service is fully funded by ACC and the Ministry of Health.

Phone: 09 524 3195 

Goodwood Park
Goodwood Park is a residential service that provides an environment that supports and enhances the quality of life, independence and integration, with a recovery focus for service users experiencing mental illness. Goodwood Park focuses on enabling service users to move progressively to towards their goals through the provision of a continuum of care.
Phone:  (09) 412 7373
Geneva Elevator offers a range of rehabilitation therapies for people with a disability, health concern or recovering from an injury. They work one-on-one or in groups and services include physiotherapy, occupational therapy, mobility and sport therapy, personal training and Green Prescription, art therapies (art, dance, music and drama) that promote maximum function, recovery and opportunity for independence.
Phone  (09) 531 5600
Freephone: 0508 353 828


Laura Fergusson Trust
Laura Fergusson Trust provides a range of rehabilitation, training, care and accommodation services to enable people with physical disabilities to achieve maximum independence and quality of life. Laura Fergusson Trust offers individually tailored rehabilitation programmes based on multidisciplinary assessments. The client, their family and the multidisciplinary team set all programme goals. Programmes may be residentially or day-based and are offered for all types of disability - congenital, acquired and traumatic. Staff specialising in functional recovery work in a transdisciplinary model while carefully considering pre-accident lifestyle.

Phone  (09) 524 0537
The Wilson Home Trust provide a range of services for children with a disability. They also actively collaborate with the range of Health, Education and Community organisations that provide services for children with disabilities.Much of their work is achieved through their Coordinators liaising directly with families to identify opportunities where the Trust can add value for them and their children.Coordinators offer information, advocacy, support, and encouragement on a variety of issues to do with child disability.
Phone:  (09) 488 0126

West Wave Aquatic Centre
West Wave Pool and Leisure Centre is located in Henderson, in the heart of West Auckland and has a Hydrotherapy pool available for classes and for use outside class times. Please contact the centre to ensure it is not being used for a private booking.
Phone:  (09) 838 3706

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