BreakOut is New Zealand's primary source of funding information for students, researchers, sports people, artists and those wanting professional development.  BreakOut is a subscriber based service.  

FundView is New Zealand's primary source of information about funding for voluntary organisations.  It includes funding from the government, local authorities, statutory and philanthropic trusts, gaming trusts and some service organisations.  FundView is a searchable database that will give you the best matches of funding your organisation is eligible for in terms of criteria, includes closing dates, application requirements and contact details.  Fundview is a subscriber based service.  

Please note: The New Zealand Federation of Disability Information Centres subscribe to Fundview.  Contact your local service to access the Fundview database. 

If you’re based in Auckland, visit ILS to access the Fundview database.

The Cerebral Palsy Society of New Zealand have Individual Grants and a number of voucher schemes to help members of the CP Society remain as independent as possible.  For a list of programmes that might be right for you visit the CP Society website.

Cook Opie Trust
The Cook Opie Trust is administered by the Jubilee Trust trustees provides grants for the purchase of computer and technical equipment that will assist people with physical disabilities.
The Jubilee Trust is administered by CCS Disability Action. It offers a general grant, education grants, education scholarships and organisational grants to assist people with physical disabilities living in Auckland, Northland and Whakatane.
The Halberg Disability Sport Foundation All Sports Activity Fund provides grants to enable young people with a physical disability to participate in sport and active leisure within their community.

Lions Clubs New Zealand
Lions Clubs New Zealand provide funding under Health, Sight, Community and Child Mobility grants. You'll need to contact your local club to request information about funding.

The NZ Lottery Grants Board allocates grants on a case by case basis to people with mobility and communication disabilities for the purchase and adaptation of vehicles, scooters and other mobility and communication equipment, to help them achieve independence and gain access to the community. Priority is given on the basis of: severity of the disability, contribution the vehicle or equipment would make to the person's quality of life, financial circumstances of the person and their family, availability of alternative transport or assistance, family situation of the applicant, applicant's locality, and lottery assistance received in the past.

To request a Lottery Grants Mobility Scooter application form, please email us

Mazda Foundation
The Mazda Foundation issue individual grants. One of their objectives is to support young people through advancement of education and this includes support for equipment for people with disabilities.
The J R McKenzie Trust offer grants focuses on working towards a more socially just and inclusive Aotearoa with a particular emphasis on Maori and young people.

Rotary International offer District Grants that fund smaller, short-term activities addressing local needs. You’ll need to contact your local Rotary Club to apply for specific funding.  

We'll Make Cents

At We’ll Make Cents, we’ll help raise funds for your Charity Organization to leave you time for other projects. Please send your wish list and I will prioritize which project to fund raise for first.
We’re here to help raise money for projects —  large or small — from not-for-profit organizations. We do this using innovative and creative means. Each situation is unique — no project is the same. We strategize and build a package around you.
If you know any organization or group that could use our help, put them in contact with us and we will take it into consideration.
Supports initiatives, activities or equipment that will enhance the life of children or young people who have a physical disability living in the top half of the North Island.

Funds a broad range of requirements, from medical equipment, to mobility needs to innovative educational initiatives.
Provides financial assistance and employment services throughout New Zealand. They offer a single point of contact for New Zealanders needing job search support, financial assistance and in-work support.

Freephone: 0800 559 009 (General enquiries for people under 65)
Senior Services: 0800 552 002



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