Employment, Vocation, Occupation

Employment, Vocation, Occupation

ASENZ Supported Employment Services 

ASENZ is an organisation to improve and expand inclusive employment opportunities and services for all people with disability through the concept and practice of Supported Employment.
Phone:  (06) 343 3669

Attainable Trust
APET Enterprises provides employment and work skills development for up to 130 people from metropolitan Auckland. People attending APET Enterprises have a wide range of disabilities and are from a broad range of cultures and backgrounds. They combine to provide a unique workforce which can undertake a large range of tasks for industrial and commercial customers. In addition to enhancing work skills, APET provides an opportunity for social and community participation with a Community Connections division. This operates from a separate location and creates and coordinates community participation opportunities for those people for whom employment is not a chosen or practical option.
Phone:  (09) 278 1678

Geneva Elevator
Geneva Elevator is a specialised recruitment consultancy, offering a wide choice of supported employment options for people with disabilities living in the greater Auckland region. Geneva Elevator services are free to job seekers with diverse needs and employers.  Services include support for the Deaf and Hearing Impaired Community, Very High Needs (VHN), Transition and Supported Employment. 
Phone:  (09) 531 5600
Freephone: 0508 353 828.

Work and Income New Zealand
Work and Income will work with you to identify your needs, match you to appropriate vacancies and support you with your search for work.
Phone: 0800 779 009

Guide to reasonable accommodation of persons with disabilities in New Zealand
Reasonable accommodation is a key concept in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities which has been ratified by many countries including New Zealand. This guide has been produced by The Human Rights Commission, The Office of the Ombudsman and Article 33 Convention Coalition Monitoring Group for your use.

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