Manawanui InCharge

Independent Living is a stakeholder of the company Manawanui InCharge, an Individualised Funding Agency appointed by the Ministry of Health in 2004 to arrange and support disabled people with the option of individualised funding.

What is Individualised Funding?

Individualised funding (IF) assists people to be in control of their disability-related support. This means that a person is able to hire, manage, pay, train and make their own contracts with their support workers or choose to manage parts of this process.

What is involved in holding your own budget?

To become an IF budget-holder (also referred to as an IF Manager) a person has an assessment by a NASC agency. People willing to take on the responsibilities of being an IF budget-holder must meet the Ministry of Health’s definition of disability, and have high support needs which have remained stable for at least the past year. People considered eligible to manage their own budgets are referred to Manawanui InCharge by NASC.

Manawanui InCharge has Individualised Funding Coaches who support people with moving on to Individualised Funding. They assist people to make the necessary arrangements to manage their budgets and workers successfully. There are important administrative responsibilities that accompany taking on the task of self-managing support workers. Manawanui InCharge offers information and support with managing payments, keeping records, writing job descriptions and employment agreements, recruiting staff, and advises on the requirements and responsibilities of being an employer.

For further information view the Manawanui InCharge website.

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